Thanks for your interest in NYSVMS!  You're welcome to join without a veterinary license.  The only requirement is that you be a graduate of veterinary college who resides and/or practices in New York State.  (We also have Out of State memberships for graduates of veterinary colleges who reside and/or practice in a state or province outside New York State.  Regional membership is not required for our Out of State members.)

Whenever you do receive a NY veterinary license, you'll be exempt from the continuing education requirement for the first three-year registration period.  See Section 6704-a at  (This doesn't mean that you can't attend courses through NYSVMS or your local region, but it's not a requirement and any CE you take in the first three years cannot be used for credit later.)  At the end of the first registration period, you will have to begin taking continuing education in order to accumulate a total of 45 CE credit hours by the end of the second three-year period.